MedUnison’s DocSynergy™ EHR Selected by Alaska Department of Corrections


MedUnison, LLC, a leading provider of cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR), telehealth and referral and utilization management solutions for health systems, announced that the Alaska Department of Corrections (AKDOC) has selected MedUnison to help improve the continuity of care for the State’s inmate population. Using DocSynergy™ the AKDOC Inmate Health Staff across 12 facilities will utilize a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) solution to improve the quality of care and the ability to share information between facilities, along with enhanced reporting capabilities. DocSynergy™ will be implemented throughout Alaska’s statewide system of correctional facilities that serve both pretrial and sentenced inmates.

“MedUnison is a great partner.  Their continued efforts on our behalf during the evaluation period have certainly underscored the fact that we made the right choice in MedUnison.” said Laura Brooks MS, LPA, Deputy Director/Health Care Administrator.

DocSynergy™ is uniquely tailored to support asynchronous telemedicine and advanced communications capabilities.  Unlike most Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions which can represent enormous up front and ongoing costs, DocSynergy™ provides a clear pathway to cost savings through minimal upfront costs, improved specialty utilization, and a reduction in transports – a quantifiable result that goes right to the bottom line.  Specialty care is actually enhanced through our solution. The asynchronous method is an effective means to facilitate fast and effective responses from specialists.

“We are looking forward to working with the Alaska DOC in implementing DocSynergy and enabling them to realize the savings and benefits that our customers have experienced. Alaska DOC’s unique geographic distribution presents healthcare delivery challenges that are ideally suited for our service platform.  For instance, use of the DocSynergy™ Doc2Doc™ module in one major correctional system has resulted in a 71% decrease in inmate transports for specialty care, and a decrease in wait times for specialists’ opinions from 3-4 months to less than 60 hours. These improvements in care quality are accompanied by significant reductions in cost, often resulting in a measurable return on investment (ROI) within months, not years,” said Wesley C. Wilkey, Chief Executive Officer at MedUnison.