The Power of Cloud Computing: Cloud Based EHR

3.1_5028791MedUnison’s web-based infrastructure hosts all of our customers’ applications. DocSynergy™ solutions run on the web, not on the user’s computer. There is no hardware installation or software to install. This simplicity allows for quicker implementation, unlike traditional client-side systems that can be labor intensive and take months to install and implement. All updates are handled centrally by MedUnison in the cloud, so your staff will always have access to the most up-to-date and secure version of the system available.

With MedUnison’s cloud-based solutions you pay a low set-up cost and a predictable monthly fee instead of paying for expensive installation, costly unexpected updates, licensing fees and other recurring expenses of traditional applications. Any size organization can have easy-to-use enterprise software without the huge price tag of a legacy system.

You can dramatically lower the cost of Health IT infrastructure, administration and updates by utilizing DocSynergy™ our cloud-based platform. Our experts become an extension of your IT department and take ownership of data security, system maintenance and updates.

Data Security

The DocSynergy™ solution operates in a fully‐functional Tier 3 (hospital grade) datacenter designed from the ground up to support healthcare systems, be fully HIPAA compliant, and provide state of the art security measures. So storing your information in a cloud-based system is safer than using a localized server or paper documentation. You get much greater access to your information and can control the level of access your staff gets.

Secure Collaboration

Collaborating on MedUnison’s DocSynergy™ platform allows the entire health care team the ability to interact with anyone on the network in a secure environment. Our platform connects your organization to pharmacies, labs and outside medical organizations, enabling meaningful interaction between the many different players in the world of healthcare. Everyone involved in a patient’s care has quick and secure access to crucial information, allowing greater collaboration and a higher standard of care

Reporting at Your Fingertips

The DocSynergy™ cloud-based healthcare reporting and analytics makes it simple for you to organize and present data. The reports are highly configurable, allowing you to search and filter the data according to your needs.

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