Solving Care Transition Challenges

2.1_FAN9017810One of the fundamental principles of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) is to support the efforts of physicians, nurses and other clinicians to make care safer and to better coordinate patients’ transitions from hospitals to other settings. Controlling the transition process can help to reduce unnecessary readmissions—and therefore drastically cut costs. MedUnison’s DocSynergy™ platform with the Doc2Doc™ module supports this process by delivering a clear view of patient and community health, removes technological barriers to patient-centered care, and automates the gathering of information for administrative and reporting requirements.

The DocSynergy™ Doc2Doc™ module for care transitions, eConsults (teleconsultation) and referral management has been in continual use for more than a decade. Hundreds of thousands of patient care transitions have been coordinated and for each one an accurate status is available in real time to all the doctors, nurses, and care coordinators involved. Doc2Doc™ also pioneered the use of eConsults in care transitions to enable better coordinated care through shared care plans developed between specialists and PCPs. Doc2Doc™ is used to move records from one place to another and has resulted in significantly more efficient care transitions.

The Doc2Doc™ module entire health care team of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers to coordinate high quality care across physical, geographical and business boundaries. Doc2Doc™ is secure and HIPAA compliant, yet accessible from any location via an internet connection. Everyone benefits; clinicians access the patient information they need to deliver quality care; Practice Managers provide smooth patient transitions; and Referral Coordinators ensure important and timely specialty visits. Plus clinical documentation is automatically captured. This reduces administrative time for both data entry and reporting.

The DocSynergy™ Doc2Doc™ module is a browser-based application designed to support ACO teams across a variety of care sites and patient populations while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services, preventing medical errors and reducing costs. The DocSynergy™ modules easily integrate with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution.

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